Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you know how deep my well will have to go?
A. Not exactly. While we can't guarantee an exact depth, by looking at other wells in the area, we can get a fairly good idea of the area's ground structure and water table, which will help us determine an approximate depth of your well and casing.
Q. How long does it take to drill a new well?
A. It is usually a two- to three-day process. The actual drilling usually only takes one day, or sometimes two days. Once done, the service crew will come out a following day to hook up or install your pump, tank, and waterlines.
Q. When should I call to let you know I am ready for my well?
A. If you know you want to go with Weber's, call to be put on our "Do List". Then, if you know when you need your well, you can let us know. If you are in the process of building a new house, you should probably call about two weeks prior to dry walling.
Q. About how much will a new well and water system cost?
The prices for new wells vary, depending on your area and water-usage needs. Contact us for an exact estimate.
Q. Can you still drill when the ground is frozen?
A. Our modern equipment makes it so frozen ground is not a problem. Actually, the hardest time to get in and out of a drill site is when it's muddy out and the ground is soft.
Q. Why did I receive two estimates?
A. We usually send out two system options. The first, a conventional system, is usually a little more inexpensive, and can satisfy most people's needs. The second, a constant-flow system, is more modern and delivers constant-water pressure despite how many different faucets, etc., you may have going at a given time.
Q. What can I do if I find out I have bacteria in my water?
A. If you have bacteria, such as coliform, we typically recommend checking for potential points of bacteriological entry (such as an old well cap, for instance), and will usually recommend a chlorination to attempt to kill the existing bacteria. In the future, you may want to periodically test your water to ensure that it has remained bacteria-free.
Contact Weber Well Drilling, Inc.with any questions you have regarding your project.